Kathputli Colony: Delhi’s First In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation

Kathputli Colony

Delhi’s First In-Situ Slum Rehabilitation

Subhadra Banda, Yashas Vaidya, and David Adler, June 2013

The Delhi Master Plan 2021 introduced the “In-situ rehabilitation” approach to slum redevelopment, in which residents of jhuggi jhoppri clusters (JJCs) transition to temporary housing while the Delhi Development Authority (DDA) reconstructs the settlment, and then shifts the slum-dwellers back onto the original plot and into improved housing. Kathputli Colony, located in West Delhi’s Shadipur region, has been selected by the DDA as the site of Delhi’s first in-situ slum rehabilitation. This paper lays out the trajectory of the Kathputli project thus far, examining the formal, legalistic framework and its relationship to the actual events documented in our research in the colony.